We’r automating
daily tasks
in biomedical science


About BioX

BioX provides automated solutions in biotech and biomedical laboratories

1. Liquid-filling Robot for tedious filling task

  • Suit for Petri dishes, omnitrays and microtiter plates from omnitray up to 24-well
  • Suit for agar media and liquid form reagents
  • Can fill up to 4 different media at the same time
  • For each batch, the filling time is between 10 to 40 minutes

2. Autonomous Imaging System

3. AI Image Analysis System
by using visual prompt

Step 1. Input Video

Step 2. Visual Prompt for 1st frame

Step 3. Tracking and Segmentation by AI

  • Few visual prompts, segmentation everything
  • Tracking moving objects
  • Fine-tuned for zero shot training

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